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Clear the form to drop a pin

How to

find somewhere already listed:

  1. The premises you selected in the map page will appear in the submit box ready for your review of Welsh speaking likelyhood.
  2. Choose what you feel is best and hit submit.
  3. If the premises you selected is not where you want to submit a review for then just drag the map pin, the form will be cleared, and you can locate the premises you want to submit.

submit a new premises:

  1. Drag the map pin to locate the place.
  2. The coordinates and postcode will be filled out. Just add the name of the premises and the address as you would like it to appear in the index.
  3. Select how likely you feel a person is to hear and be able to use Welsh in the premises. This isn't scientific, just what you think is likely.

If the index appears inaccurate

The category (how likely it is to use Welsh) of a premises is calculated by aggregating all the reviews received. So your submission will be taken into account straight away, but it may or may not affect the current rating.

If you feel the rating of a premises is way off and remains way off after you have submitted your rating, then please get in touch. If you are the business owner we can help by pointing you in the direction of resources to help increase the use of Welsh in your business. If the data in the index is just plain wrong then we can correct it.